Ofer Golany


Muziek en Vrede

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BECAUSE   we´ve tasted shame like a vaccine
in the papers    in the bible    in the sand
and time trickles   away    in the watches
we each wear    like a chain    on our hand
I need love    more than home    or money
Only yes   can now    stem the tide
before night   closes on us   like quicksand
and we stay    forever    apart

BECAUSE  fear flows in our blood like plasma
on the borders    in our pockets    in our beds
and time races   like a train   with no stations
to a border    at the end    of the track
We need love    more than hope    or memory
Only yes   can now turn   the tide
before history   burns our bodies   like dry leaves
beneath the cold gaze of the stars

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Updated: 3 mei 2004