Ofer Golany


Muziek en Vrede

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fragment van het lied hele lied

    We sit on both sides  of the very same table
    We lay on both sides   of the very same bed
    And I can see when   you are crying
    And you can see  when I turn my head

We look each night at the very same north star
We live on both side of the very same fence
We hear the answers    in the wind blowing
Our onions grow     from the very same rain

    And yes Iīve been taught that you are a killer
    About me    you have been taught the same
    Itīs just to keep me from seeing you brother
    To keep us from seeing throu this lying game

So come Iīll walk with you to the sunrise
So come and help me singing this song
Thereīs just one Earth beneath all these countries
I promise you   the time wonīt be long

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Updated: 3 mei 2004