Ofer Golany


Muziek en Vrede

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fragment van het lied hele lied

My father had to fight    his father took to flight
    and me I study with magicians
His father a chazan     his father a cohen
    and I   I will be a musician
Prisoners he refused to shoot    wouldn´t rape nor burn or loot
   and I will turn their guns into saxophones
Gideon had seventy sons     the only one left was Yotan
    and he turned his back on the throne

                 Listen brother man   you are what I am
            Lets not fall into this game of us and them
  Just put away that gun    play the tune be the one
                         In the present you are a musician

My mother was a teacher    my uncle was a preacher
    intermarriage makes for good genetics
Brave enough    refuse to fight
you can choose to do what is right
and your deeds are the echo of your ethics

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Updated: 3 mei 2004