Ofer Golany


Muziek en Vrede

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fragment van het lied hele lied

Through gardens each morning I walk with my son
We water the plants   street musicians play on
Jew Moslem or Christian   J e r u z a l e m  man
The least you can do    is the best that you can
"Can you thus make a living"   asks the old man
there´s food and we´re healthy no need to complain
if this is a mensch    then you are one too
the voice from within it will ask  WHO ARE YOU?

Not against we´re just four   no bullets or stones
Not us and not them   still never alone
A white flag is waving   every day it is new
We´re human and so  we have freedom to choose
Yes happy is he  who´s content with his lot
The more that you gave is the more that you´ve got
There´s madness to method   and vice versa too
A voice from outside asks again WHO ARE YOU?

I am who you are   and you are who I am
Love yourself as your neighbor  the name of the game
Do not do onto him   what is hateful to you
Imagine a just world   then go out and do
A soul takes a photo opportunity life
My greatest achievement   to marry my wife
Would I want to trade places?   if you only knew
the voice from the loudspeaker beams WHO ARE YOU?

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Updated: 3 mei 2004